Need to suspend or cancel your membership?  We hate to see you go.  Contact us by email at [email protected], or call us to request your specific form link to submit your request notice.  We will send you the correct form that must be completed to suspend or cancel your membership per your membership type and terms.  All memberships must be cancelled or suspended per membership agreement and by submitting a cancellation webform.  All memberships continue automatic billing until cancellation webform is submitted following the selected minimum term.

PLEASE NOTE THAT MEMBERSHIPS MUST BE SUSPENDED/CANCELLED BY SUBMITTING THE CORRECT CANCELLATION ONLINE FORM.  Sending in a email, calling or telling a staff member will NOT constitute notice. Once you successfully complete and submit the form you will receive automatic email confirmation of your request.  This will be your verification of the date/time request is made.  Submission must be made 3 days prior to your monthly billing date in order to stop next scheduled billing.


*memberships may only be placed on suspension after the required minimum term has been met (3 month or 12 month – per type/agreement).  Suspension requires a set return date within 3 months and will save you the initiation fee that is required to restart if you have cancelled your previous membership.