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    TPC is a team of passionate and experienced trainers supported by an alliance of biomechanics, sports medicine, sports psychology, strength/conditioning/fitness, and education experts. Together we work to continuously create training modalities and programs to help our students reach their athletic potential. TPC is also an indoor facility with the space, technology and equipment needed for our students to thrive in those programs. We are committed to helping our students to learn to train not just hard, but SMART. We seek new information, resources and technology to improve ourselves, our programs and the development environment for our students. Training SMART begins with staff that are always learning and programs that are continuously evolving.


    TPC offers an unmatched variety of training program options to fit the individual needs of each student. Whether a recreational beginner, an advanced professional or anywhere in between, TPC has programming to fit. Training players at any level is accomplished most efficiently and effectively through a blend of modalities including private lessons, fundamentals group classes, and specialized or advanced skills programs. These modalities span across multiple disciplines including hitting, pitching, throwing, strength/conditioning, catching, fielding, injury rehabilitation and more. TPC is unique in our ability to offer all of these options in one location and further through the coordinated efforts of our experts who are in constant communication with each other. With so many resources and options, a TPC program will grow with each student from the first day of training through an entire playing career. Training SMART means getting the specific type and volume of training that will successfully address the needs of each student.


    TPC has a progressive development system based on our proprietary Player Develop Ratings (PDR). The PDR is a skill specific score that combines multiple objective measurements with expert evaluation to show precisely where a student is at developmentally. Recurring PDR testing demonstrates a student’s rate of progress and allows each to establish measureable goals to work toward. The testing data and scores give our entire staff the information we need to make program adjustments and qualified recommendations for supplemental training or advancement. Training SMART means identifying current ability, strengths, and weaknesses and offering a training plan that delivers measurable results.


    Since TPC’s inception in 1998, we have seen so many of our students achieve beyond what they thought possible. For some that may have been making an all-star team or the varsity high school team. For others it is a college scholarship, a professional draft selection or a reaching the Major Leagues. Here are just a few details on the achievements of our students. Over 150 college scholarships. Over 60 MLB draft picks. 6 High School All Americans. 12 USA Baseball National Team Players. 10 Major Leaguers. 1 #1 Overall Draft Pick. 1 Major League All Star. Are you next? Training SMART means working with programs that have proven results.

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