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Get Your Training Started

Thank you for your interest in our services.  The following information will hopefully help you to understand how to get started as a student with us at TPC.  Please free to contact us if you have any questions.

At TPC it is our mission to provide the best instruction in a positive environment that promotes fun and improvement.  We believe that the programs we have carefully designed through extensive research, both in education models as well as mechanical techniques, are the best available.  The TPC training model, like our teaching philosophy, is based on constant learning and evolution. Unlike most other training facilities or “programs” we focus 100% of our time and attention on skills development.  No teams, no rosters, games or tournaments, just pure skills training!  We all know that training frequency is more important than volume.  The standard private lesson once per week model that has existed for so many years was established not based on its effectiveness but rather its convenience.  We all also know that true skills development is not done only when convenient. Our model is designed to allow our students and their families to customize a blend of the training programs we offer to best address their needs and evolve/adapt with them as those needs change. Come see why our program is unmatched.

New students now have an opportunity to get started at TPC with a Private Initial Evaluation Lesson at an unbeatable special price.

For just $49 you will get a 1 on 1 session that includes:

  1. Baseball background survey
  2. Skills test and assessment
  3. Full 5 point video analysis w voice over from your trainer (you receive online access)
  4. Written analysis report
  5. Personal training plan recommendation based on your needs
The initial evaluation sessions normally run from $100 – $250 making this an incredible value at just $49.
It gets even better when you ask us how you can qualify to apply the $49 fee toward subsequent training.
To view available Initial Evaluation Appointments CLICK HERE
*Only 1 $49 initial evaluation is allowed per qualifying student.  New students who qualify for the special initial evaluation pricing include anyone who has not at anytime previously had a private lesson at TPC nor been a TPC member.  Students who have particpated only in TPC Camps and/or in TPC league sponsored training are still eligible for this special rate.  Ineligible students who register for a $49 initial student will be required to pay the balance for a standard private lesson.  If you are uncertain about your eligibility for the $49 rate please contact TPC at 925-416-1600 or [email protected]
New students may also begin with a trial in a level 1 training class.  Level 1 classes are our fundamental skills development and training sessions.  Classes in individual skills include: Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Speed/Agility and Fielding.  These classes are an included part of the Elite Memberships.  To schedule a trial class contact us at 925-416-1600 x 2 or email [email protected]  To view a current schedule of level 1 classes CLICK HERE
We offer a series of seasonal camps generally for players ages 6 – 13.  These camps range from 1 -3 days and include overall skills instruction.  Camps are another good option for getting started.  Camps are typically scheduled during all school vacations including on a weekly basis throughout the summer.  To view our current camps select one of the following options:       Baseball Camps            Softball Camps
This is a very specialized initial evaluation session specifically for pitchers ages 13 & Up.  This 1.5 hr private session is led by TPC founder Jason Sekany who has developed the iPDR through over 20 years of pitching work and research.  The session will include:

  1. Dynamic & Throwing Warm Up
  2. Grip Analysis
  3. Approx 16 pitch filmed bullpen
  4. 25 pitch velocity/command test
  5. Complete multi view delivery video analysis (recorded and available for on demand online viewing)
  6. Written iPDR report with statistics and rating from the testing and video analysis
  7. Recommendations for developmental training based on the analysis & testing

This session type is for serious and focused pitchers who are committed to gaining a better understanding of their deliveries and what it will take to reach their potential.


  • Non Member – $250
  • Classic Member – $250
  • Elite Member – $200

To schedule an iPDR session please contact us with your request and we will work with you to schedule an appointment.  925-416-1600 or [email protected]

If you know you are ready to get your ongoing training started you don’t need any more info, you can join the Elite Membership or Specialty Training Program without completing one of the options above.  Check out all of the ongoing development training options and select the one that best fits your needs.  Not 100% sure, contact us by email, phone or at the front desk and we will be happy to help. 
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