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Specialty Skills Training Classes

Join a 1 time per week roster based class.

Skills Training Classes:

  • Meet 1 time per week for 6 – 12 weeks
  • Age groups include: 6-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14 & Up
  • Class types include: Total Player Prep, Total Player, Hitting and Pitching
  • Focus on a single specialized skill or blend multiple skills work in 1 class
  • Have a set roster with a max of 6-8 students in most cases
  • Do not require an Elite Membership (Elite Members do receive 30-60% discounts)
  • Include periodic video analysis
  • Are best for students who have only 1 hour per week to train and want to focus on a specific skill.
  • Run on a seasonal basis (Spring: Mar – May, Summer: Jun – Aug, Fall: Sep – Nov, Winter: Dec – Feb)
  • Require a Classic Membership
  • Most of the programs run between $27 and $45 per class.  The High School classes are $45 – $66 per class
Select a tab to view class descriptions.  Below use our program finder tool to register online for an available class.

Any class listed with a green “Register” box is currently available and has room.  Once a class is full or no longer available it will be listed with either an option to register for the wait list (orange) or full (red).

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