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Elite Level 1 Baseball Training Classes

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Elite Level 1 Drop In Classeselite logo_white

  • The L1 classes introduce new students to the habitual drill sets and key mechanical concepts TPC has developed and uses for fundamental to advanced player development.
  • The Level 1 class progression operates on a 13 week cycle which gives players an opportunity to learn and become proficient at these drills and mechanics.
  • Following completion of the 13 week Level 1 cycle and with recommendation from TPC trainers, Level 1 students will have the opportunity to take the Level 1 proficiency test in each skill and graduate to the Level 2 Elite Classes.
  • L1 Class Types: Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Speed/Agility
    • Classic Members – $25/class
    • Elite Members – Free

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