Thank you for joining a membership at TPC Baseball & Softball. Please take a moment to complete this form to finish your membership activation. Memberships are not active until this agreement is complete.

Please select the number of players from your family that will participate and be included on this waiver form.


Please check the required boxes below to confirm your acceptance of the policies.
Based on the selected membership type, members are entitled to the benefits stated on the membership benefits form. Members shall abide by all facility rules at all times. Violation of any facility rules and policies may result in revocation of membership privileges.
A temporary hold may be placed on the membership only in the case of injury with written documentation from the member’s physician requiring a cessation of specific activity. A fee of $19/mo will be assessed during the time of the hold. Upon return to active status, the membership will resume at the membership rate at the time of return and will be in effect through the number of remaining months to complete a full 12 month active period.
Membership cancellation requires written notice. Early termination of an annual membership requires 30 days written notice and will result in a $395 penalty fee for early cancellation (prior to payment of 12 consecutive and active months). Any prorated charges due to complete the 30 day period from receipt of written cancellation will be charged on or after the date of receipt of written cancellation. Memberships paid monthly will automatically convert to a month to month membership at the current month to month rate following completion of the 3 month minimum or 12 month annual commitment. The membership will remain active and billing indefinitely until a new agreement is completed, received and executed by TPC or until written cancellation notice is received. Annual memberships paid in full are non-refundable.
In accordance with the member agreement, I authorize The Pitching Center, Inc. to automatically charge my credit card or debit card each month. I understand and agree to adhere to all payment and other conditions set forth in the member agreement. The membership shall commence as of the date of execution and monthly payments will be debited from the card placed on file until written cancellation notice per the member agreement is provided. A fee of $25 will be assessed for each declined transaction. An additional late fee or $25 will be assessed for payment not made within 10 days of due date for any reason including a declined credit card.
ALL MEMBERSHIPS REQUIRE WRITTEN CANCELLATION NOTICE. Memberships do not automatically terminate. Following the completion of the minimum required term, all memberships continue until WRITTEN cancellation notice is received.