The Quick Answer

At TPC, we have a ton of training options to offer.  Trying to figure out how to get started and what to do on your own by just digging through the website can be confusing and frustrating.  So, let’s make it simple.

Get started with a new student skill evaluation.  Any player age 8 or older can schedule a new student evaluation private session with one of our awesome trainers.  Pick the skill you’d like to focus on first and book an available session right online.  It’s just $59 well spent and some or all of that may be applicable to a membership should you choose to train with us.

Following the evaluation, determine if you will plan to attend a combination of training classes and periodic private lessons totaling 4 or more combined visits per month.

  • YES: the Elite membership program will be the best and most cost effective option for you.
  • NO: the Classic Plus membership will be the best and most cost effective option for you.
  • STILL NOT SURE: Select our “New Student Starter Program” which includes 3 months of our Classic Plus or Varsity Classic Plus membership, 3 private lessons and 3 Elite Training Classes.  We can upgrade you to the Elite at any time.

Have you heard about our Power Programs?  (Power Throwing, Power Hitting, Power Speed).  Ask your new student evaluation trainer if a Power Program would be a fit for you.

One thing we know for sure through 25+ years of training experience, the players who make the most progress are the ones who blend private and class training on a frequent and ongoing basis.  At TPC we have the resources, expertise, equipment, technology, staff and training model to best help you effectively and affordably achieve your goals!