Membership Hold/Cancellation Request
Please complete this form to submit your written request to cancel or place your TPC Membership on hold per the terms of your membership type and agreement. Your membership will remain active until this completed form is submitted.
Select one of the options above.
I understand that completion of this form and agreement to all its conditions, serves as written cancellation or temporary hold of my TPC membership. Member benefits will terminate as of the the end of the current paid month or the end of the final month of the minimum commitment. All unused credits for classes, camps, programs and private lessons purchased with membership discount will require payment of the difference at the current non-member rate or they will be forfeited. Termination prior to the minimum required will trigger the contract early termination fee. Month to Month memberships may be cancelled at anytime following the required minimum term of 3-5 months. Cancellation notice must be made by completing the webform and will be effective at the end of the current month IF received at least 3 days prior to the monthly renewal date. A cancellation webform submitted within 3 days of the next renewal date will set the termination date at the end of the following billing month.
Membership cancellation requires written notice. Early termination of an annual membership requires 30 days written notice and will result in a $395 penalty fee for early cancellation (prior to payment of 12 consecutive and active months). Any prorated charges due to complete the 30 day period from receipt of written cancellation will be charged on or after the date of receipt of written cancellation. Memberships paid monthly will automatically convert to a month to month membership at the current month to month rate following completion of the 3 month minimum or 12 month annual commitment. The membership will remain active and billing indefinitely until a new agreement is completed, received and executed by TPC or until written cancellation notice is received. Annual memberships paid in full are non-refundable.
ALL MEMBERSHIPS REQUIRE WRITTEN CANCELLATION NOTICE. Memberships do not automatically terminate. Following the completion of the minimum required term: all memberships continue until WRITTEN cancellation notice is received. Written cancellation must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to next scheduled billing date. If an automated billing occurs within 3 days of the scheduled billing, the membership will remain active until the next billing date or a $35 fee will be assessed to reverse/refund the scheduled monthly billing. Annual memberships paid in full are non-refundable. All memberships must meet minimum term requirements in order to terminate per the agreement.
During their time training at TPC, all members are accruing points toward level advancement within our system through their quality attendance and performance in classes and private lessons. 30 days following cancellation and non-participation, points acquired will begin to diminish. After 90 days of no activity/participation, points will be reset and the student will be required to start from 0 points upon return. Non-members do not receive/accrue points.
Please select your membership status option. Selecting the option to place your membership on hold with an automatic restart date within 6 months will save you the registration fee when you resume.
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