How To Advance

Advancing to levels 2 – 5 is much more about understanding and ability to execute the fundamentals we teach than it is about talent. We use these fundamental drills and concepts throughout all levels of our programs from ages 6 to our MLB students. Basic proficiency in them is the key to advancing to level 2 – 5. Generally it is expected that students will need a complete session to be fully introduced to, learn and gain proficiency in the fundamental drills and mechanics concepts. This will also give our training staff enough time to determine a player’s level of focus, attitude and work ethic which we note as “class contribution”. Opportunity to test to advance to level 2 – 5 will be available on a regular basis and practice testing will be done frequently in level 1 classes. Our objective is to move students to level 2 – 5 as soon as they are ready based on all factors listed below. At TPC we train S.M.A.R.T. Specific Measurable Achievable Repeatable Tested

Pitching Mechanics Test:

Ability to explain the purpose of and properly execute the following pitching drills:

  •  2-Piece
  •   Jump back
  •   Rolling torque
  •   Figure 8

Pitching Performance Test:

  •  10 pitch bullpen: player must hit target on 6 of 10 pitches from age appropriate distance.

Hitting Mechanics Test:

Ability to explain the purpose of and properly execute the following hitting drills:

  •   Mid-high Tee
  •   Jump backs
  •   Walk behinds
  •   No stride

Hitting Performance Test:

 Front Toss: player must make competitive contact on 5 of 5 strikes.
 Live BP: player must make competitive contact on at least 6 of 10 strikes.


Class Contribution: Finally we need to observe the student’s attitude, work ethic and general contribution to the class environment to ensure they are a fit for level 2. We expect level 2 students to actively participate, maintain a positive attitude and be receptive to change.  Level 2


When can I test?

  1. Attend level 1 Elite classes until you have been introduced to all of the fundamental concepts/drills and feel confident in your understanding and ability to execute them.
  2. Ask a TPC trainer who leads classes you have been attending regularly for a recommendation to test for level 2. If the trainer agrees that you are ready to test he/she will recommend you to our advancement committee.
  3. The committee will consider the recommendation together with your “class contribution” readiness and will place you either on the “eligible to test” list or will let you know that additional work in level 1 classes will be needed. Should the latter be the case, the committee will further explain the reasons.
  4. A master instructor will test you during your upcoming classes.
  5. Once you have passed the Level 1 proficiency and skills test you are then eligible to immediately beginattending Level 2 – 5 classes.

The design of the level based system is to provide the best training environment for the needs of each student. Please remember that though we want to see each of our students advance, it is not a race to do so. Student ability to benefit from the work done in level two is dependent on proficiency in the level 1 curriculum.