TPC Training Flow

The best training program for you will be one that combines a blend of skills training types and

modalities to fit your ability level, your goals, your schedule, and your budget.  Our students who

achieve the best results develop their own custom utilization of the expansive offering of resources

with guidance from our expert staff.

Elite Classes: are designed to be an opportunity for students to get the regular “rep” work needed to improve drill/concept proficiency with oversight, direction and guidance from our trainers.  Classes are also the best place to get the specific rep work needed to improve on areas identified in private training sessions or specialty training programs.  Every student needs complete regular rep work in order to advance.  our classes provide the time, structure, facility and equipment, guidance and accountability to get that work done.  Classes are generally NOT recommended as the sole source of instruction for players looking to maximize their skill development.

Private Lessons: are intended to be a systematic deeper dive into the individual needs of the participating student.  They are an opportunity to get individual attention, feedback and direction.  The student can then take that information into the class or at home rep work that needs to be done to develop.  Private lessons are NOT designed to be a rep based training modality and should be considered as the sole source of training for players looking to maximize their skill development.

Options to Get Started as a New Student:

  • Private Initial Evaluation (ages 9 & up) $49 can be applied to elite membership initiation.
  • Complete Initial Analysis w/Rapsodo data (ages 13 & up)
  • TPC Camp (ages 6 – 13)
  • Level 1 Trial Class (ages 6 – 18)

Options to Build Your Custom Training Program

Elite Level 1 Classes: (Ages 6 – 7, 8 – 10, 11 – 13, 14 – 18)

The L1 classes introduce new students to the habitual drill sets and key mechanical concepts TPC has developed and uses for fundamental to advanced player development.

The Level 1 class progression operates on a 13 week cycle which gives players an opportunity to learn and become proficient at these drills and mechanics.  Following completion of the 13-week Level 1 cycle and with recommendation from TPC trainers, Level 1 students will have the opportunity to take the Level 1 proficiency test in each skill and graduate to the Level 2 Elite Classes.  L1 Class Types: Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Speed/Agility

  • Classic Members – 25% off
  • Classic Plus Members – 50% off
  • Elite Members – 5-7 weekly credits included Free

Elite Level 2 – 5 Classes:  (Ages 8-10, 11-13) Pre-requisite: successful completion of L1

With a solid foundation established through the Level 1 cycle, Level 2 students will advance to utilize the same drills and mechanics to address their individual development needs.  L2 classes will focus on complete development in pitching and hitting. Levels 3 – 5 are achieved through advancing proficiency in the progressive drill sets, performance standards met and additional class contribution including work with students at lower levels.

  • Classic Members – NA
  • L2 – 5 Classic Plus Members – 50% off
  • L2 – 5 Elite Members – 5 weekly credits included Free

Varsity Elite Program: (Ages 14 – 18) The Varsity Elite program includes additional pitching and hitting classes as well as weight training/fitness/arm care classes designed for the needs of high school age players.  This program is designed for committed HS age players looking to compete at the Varsity level and beyond.

Jr Varsity Elite: Ages 13 – 14

Varsity Elite: Ages 15 – 18

  • Classic Members – 25% off
  • Classic Plus Members – 50% off
  • Varsity Elite Members – 7 weekly credits included Free

Specialty Skills Classes: (Ages 6 – 7, 8 – 10, 11 – 13, 14 – 18)

Individual skills classes meeting 1 – 2 times per week for 5 – 19 weeks depending on the program.  This type of class may be ideal for a student looking only available to train on a specific day each week and who wish to target a single or specialty skill.  The curriculum is designed knowing that the roster will be consistent throughout.  Seasonal rotations of these classes: Spring (Mar – May), Summer (Jun – Aug), Fall (Sep – Nov) Winter (Dec – Feb).

  • Classic Members: 10% Off
  • Classic Plus Members: 25% Off
  • Elite Members: 40%-75% off

Specialty Skills Programs

These include Power Throwing™, Jr Power Throwing™, Power

Hitting™, Jr Power Hitting™, Power Arm Care, Advanced Weight Training, Off – Speed Pitch Development and more. These programs are designed to specifically target specialized areas within a particular skill.

Private / Semi-Private Training: (Ages 8 & Up) Private training is best used for initial or periodic

detailed skills evaluation.  It can also be used to focus in on a particular weakness that may be

hindering a student from progressing in the class environment.  30 min private lessons are

available and may include video analysis.  Make your lesson a full hour by booking back-to-back. Supplementing class-based training with periodic/as needed private lessons is a highly effective way to customize and maximize your training program while managing cost.

  • Non-Members: ($99 – $295)
  • Classic Members: 10% off
  • Classic Plus Members: 25% off
  • Elite Members: 40%-50% off