TPC has membership options the make training in a single skill or all areas of the game easy, flexible and affordable.  Our Elite memberships feature an inclusive option giving the players who train 1 or more times per week a great plan to develop.  Our Classic membership options give our less frequent and remote students an even more affordable way to select the specific/periodic training they need.  Check out the options below.

Elite Baseball Memberships

Elite Softball Memberships

Classic Memberships

The value of the Elite membership is unbeatable.  My son is able to get training in hitting, pitching and fielding which has really elevated his play over the past year.  Having one affordable place to go to get work in all areas of the game is amazing.

I was an Elite member at TPC throughout my High School playing career and still come back now as a college player.  The skill specific training helped me to get to have success in high school and now in college.  From private lessons, to Power Throwing to the Elite classes, I took advantage of it all.  I am so happy to have had TPC with me throughout my career.

My daughter started recently and absolutely loves the program.  She comes out feeling great about the progress she is making.  The trainers all really get to know the players and I have seen them at my daughter’s games multiple times.  We plan to stay with TPC for a long time to come.

I am currently a college player living out of the area.  I am only able to get to the TPC facility on occasion.  The Classic Plus membership has been a great way for me to maintain my training and connection to the TPC staff while I’m gone.