Master Analysis: with Jason takes about 50-60 min and is $195 for non-members.  The session includes an On Form video throwing analysis with online access on demand following the session and upload.  The primary focus of this session type is to get a more in depth look at and understanding of your throwing mechanics.  Pitchers will throw approximately 20 – 25 pitches at game intensity (unless otherwise discussed – arm rehab session).

The Complete Pitching Analysis: with Jason takes about 80-90 min and is $250 for non-members.  The session includes a complete video analysis you will have on demand access to online following the session.  It also includes an strength test, pitching delivery assessment of multiple pitch types, location/command, spin rate/direction, movement/efficiency, and velocities recorded using our Rapsodo data tracking system.  Finally, it includes a PitchAI motion capture throwing analysis.  This captures mechanical metrics throughout the delivery including arm speed, valgus torque, hip/shoulder separation, shoulder abduction and more.  The complete analysis is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of where you currently at and is a great starting point for a development plan

Following the session, a portion of the initial evaluation fee may be applied directly toward an Elite or Classic membership training program depending on the option selected.

Please have the student(s) wear comfortable athletic clothing with contrasting colors between shirt and shorts/pants for best video analysis view.  We will be using turf indoor mounds, so tennis shoes are best (no cleats or spikes).

The standard evaluation takes about 35-45 minutes and includes a pitch test as well as a 5-point pitching mechanics video analysis.  The standard is $49.

Both options are a productive way to get started.  The Master is obviously significantly more detailed.  Again, Jason only offers the Master and Complete versions.