ACTION REQUIRED – New Pro Classic Member Welcome

Welcome to TPC Baseball & Softball!

If you are receiving this email, it means that you have successfully been set up in our system, Upper Hand.  To optimize your experience using our system, please pay close attention to the following information.


Finalize your membership setup:

  1. Login to your account at and verify your information is correct. You’ll be able to change your password the first time you sign-in.
  2. Please check and update your payment method on the “Payment” tab of your profile.
  3. New members must also complete the membership agreement to activate your program: CLICK HERE

Once the items above are complete your membership will be activated, and you will be able to use your benefits.


Reservation Process
Our facility use requires reservation for us to manage optimal training environments.

Pro Player Classic Members: Reserve your FREE included drop-in training sessions.  Each pro classic member receives 6 class credits per week:


  1. Login to your profile in Upper Hand: CLICK HERE
  2. Browse Events
  3. Select “Drop in Training”
  4. Click on “Book” to view and reserve


If you are training during a time when the facility is closed, please be sure to observe to the following rules:

  1. Enter through the back door using the given code and lock the door upon entry
  2. Make sure to return all equipment to its proper place after use
  3. No food or drink permitted on the turf surfaces
  4. Wear a helmet when hitting using the machine or overhand BP
  5. Only scheduled members are allowed in the facility.  DO NOT ALLOW anyone else to enter the building without them using their access code through the back door.  If you have a friend interested in participating in the program, please contact us regarding a guest pass or to send them an online invite to join the program.
  6. Turn off all lights and electronic equipment before leaving and use code again to make sure back door is locked.
  7. Please respect the honor system with purchasing drinks or snacks when front desk staff is not present.  You may leave cash or there is a Venmo QR code on the cooler door.
  8. Please let us know should any equipment break or be damaged during use so that we may plan to fix or replace.


This is a program that requires cooperation and respect of all involved.  Please do respect the facility and all others who appreciate the benefit of using the facility.

Private Lessons, Specialty Classes, Camps & More
If you are interested in any additional training beyond the drop in workouts, you can easily find all available training options in our Member Portals.
CLICK HERE to view the Classic Member Portal

Member Portals
To make things easy for your schedule management, we recommend bookmarking the link to the Member Portal on your phone’s home page. The Member Portals are the easiest starting place to book lessons, classes, and everything else TPC offers.



The discounts you receive with your active membership are automatically applied when you place training items in your site shopping cart.  WHEN ADDING TRAINING ITEMS TO YOUR CART YOU WILL SEE THE NON-MEMBER PRICING.  ONCE THE ITEM IS ADDED TO YOUR CART YOU WILL SEE YOU AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED DISCOUNTS WHEN YOU PROCEED TO CHECK OUT.


General discounts are as follows:

  Elite Members Classic Plus Members Classic Members
Elite Classes FREE 50% OFF 40% OFF
Private Lessons 40% OFF 25% OFF 10% OFF
Power Programs 40% OFF 25% OFF 10% OFF
Camps 40% OFF 25% OFF 10% OFF
Rentals 40% OFF 25% OFF 10% OFF
Drop In Training FREE $10 $15


If you have any questions regarding the class check-in process or specialty training at TPC, please contact our Operations Manager, Matt Sartwell.

Matt Sartwell
Email: [email protected]

What’s Next?
We are very excited to welcome you as part of the TPC Baseball & Softball community! Before attending your first event, we do need to make sure we have your signed TPC WAIVER FORM and MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT FORM complete.  Click on those hyperlinks to complete if you have not already done so.

For any general questions, please email [email protected] or call our main line at (925)-416-1600. If you have any questions regarding your membership plan, please feel free to reach out to our Accounts Manager, Carey Bromley.

Carey Bromley.
Email: [email protected]

Once again, welcome, and thank you for choosing TPC Baseball & Softball.